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Delightful Dishes with Artichoke Hearts


Artichokes are great vegetables to work with. It is actually a flower, but prepared and enjoyed like a vegetable. If you have not tasted it, you would find it creamy. Some say it tastes like broccoli. But the artichoke heart, though, is a taste of heaven. It is buttery and earthy, and you can enjoy it fried or as part of a salad. In the US, especially in California, artichokes can be available the whole year. Officially though, it’s in season from March to May. Fresh artichokes are greatly favored over the canned ones, which can be rather mushy and just plain yucky. The best way to go is fresh, but at best, it can last up to a week in the refrigerator. If you want to enjoy fresh artichoke anytime, after getting it fresh from the grocer, vacuum-seal it so you can preserve the freshness and its quality. Vacuum-sealing it lengthens the shelf life to 8 months.

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Buying tipskeeping-artichokes-fresh

  1. Buy the ones that are heavy and solid. If they are lighter in weight, they are most likely older;
  2. Choose the artichoke with leaves that are vibrantly green, thick and closed tightly;
  3. Rub the leaves with your fingers and watch out for the squeaky sound;
  4. Don’t get the ones with opened or dry leaves;
  5. Smaller or baby artichokes are sweeter and more tender;
  6. Adult artichokes have bigger hearts, which is the most delicious part.

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