The jewish artichoke as well as the nutrition in the jewish artichoke in Italian cuisine is a thing which is worth to mention about its pros and cons. The jewish artichoke in Italian cuisine also was known as an oriental medicine, used for patients with the severe liver disease. In another speaking, beside the delicious (we also talk about this thing in this article) of it, it is also used to make the medicine. Many healthy often not interested in tea, higher artichoke. So the use of less artichoke more people learn and the application thoroughly. The acne treatment, skin; detoxify the liver when used beer, alcohol, stimulants at least be mentioned in the oriental medicine because it is not the urgent demand of the people who are sick. In our website, we will take advantage of some benefits of jewish artichoke in Italian cuisine to show as well as discuss and easy receive your comments about any things which relates to the jewish artichoke in Italian cuisine. On the other hand, if you have any ideas to develop our website or our service, please tell us. We are so appreciate about that thing