Guides to Cut the Fresh Artichokes

Not only known as a type of food that is full of nutrition such as vitamin C, antioxidant elements, sources providing potassium, helps to avoid some kinds of cancer, but artichoke is also preferred because it makes many dishes more odorous and delicious.


Fresh Baby Artichokes

When you go to market or supermarket to get artichokes, please select artichoke flowers that are still fresh, heavy and has not bloomed yet. Such an artichoke flower looks rather angular and uneven but after cooking, it has a taste very well. Let’s buy the artichoke with the bud fitting your hand, the petals stick closely into the stalk and fresh green. Please do not get the flowers with the leaves covering around the bud that have been being opened fully. And, the artichokes will be the freshest and tastiest in the spring.

In the followings, we will share with you the way to cut artichokes.

In order to cut, you have to prepare a large brass of cold water first, and drop some thin lemon slices in it to wash the artichoke or put it under the strong fountain after finishing cutting it so that you can reject the sand, dirt. Besides, drop the cut artichoke in the brass of water you have prepared to avoid the artichoke to change its color.

1. Cut The Artichoke To Cook The Soup Or Stew With Other Materials

Step 1: Cut artichoke into double and from the stalk up, (you should leave a small stem about 2-3 cm in order to cut more easily), be careful not to cut your fingers!

Step 2: Use top of a sharp knife to detach pistil part of artichoke (The pistil is good but when cooking the soup or the tea, you should filter it out in order not to be miscellaneous in the water). You also remember do not cut too much into the receptacle of that artichoke flower.

Step 3: If the flower is still bud, moderate, you can cut a stem about 10 cm, shave cleanly thin skin part. The immature stem part has some fibers, but eating very tastily.

The below stem has much fibers, so if that artichoke is fresh, immature and moderate, you can detach all coating fiber cover part, and get the core (like when you cut the cane), this part, when is still raw, is rather crispy, and when is cooked, is sweet. This helps you to sleep well.

Then, cut that artichoke into crops, wash and arrange them in pot with other materials such as ribs, pork, beef and some carrots, beans or apples freely. And finally, just enjoy!

2. Cut The Artichoke To Cook Artichoke Water

The artichoke water is odorous and cool, can help you to purify the liver if drinking every day, as well as control the circulation of blood, make the digestion ability better and cut the fat in the blood.

In order to cut the artichoke to cook water, you just need to remove stem part that is OK.

3. Cut The Artichoke To Boil To Use With Butter Or Mayonnaise

Step 1: If the artichoke flowers have the sharp and hard peaks at the tops of petals, use the scissor to remove them. This step helps you easily to cook the artichoke softly and it is also not hard to eat anymore.

Step 2: Cut a part about 2 cm at the head of the artichoke flower.

Step 3: Remove the small petals under the calyx.

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