How to Cook and Eat an Artichoke?

Artichoke is one common ingredients found in Mediterranean cuisines. It contains a great amount of vitamin C as well as soluble fiber and minerals. They all contribute to enhance out immune system, heart health and bowel movement.

Artichoke is so delicious and healthy I think that you should give it a try. Here is how you can cook and eat it.

baby artichokesTips on choosing the best artichoke: when you buy fresh artichokes, remember to buy them all the petals fully closed. If all the petals are open, it means that the artichokes are now hard to eat.

Also select an artichoke that is weighty for its size.

It is best to buy it in the spring, it peak season.

How to cook an artichoke?

Prepare The Artichoke:

First, you need to wash the artichoke carefully with cold water.

Cut the tip as well as the stem off by using a pair of scissors or a knife. Also throw away the small leaves near the stem.

After that, put the artichoke into a bowl of cold water with some drops of lemon juice to prevent it from turning brown.

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Cook The Artichoke:

There are various methods you could use to cook an artichoke. The most common methods are steaming, boiling and roasting.

1-Boiling: Prepare a pan with a lot of water and boil it.

  • Sprinkle a little bit of salt;
  • Put the artichoke into the pan and leave it there for half an hour until it is tender;
  • One tip here is to never close the lid. Otherwise, the acids in the artichoke cannot go out leaving the cooked artichoke brown;
  • After that, remember to drain it upside down before serving.

2-Steaming: You also prepare a pan with salt and put a steaming basket on top.

  • When the water is boiling, put the artichoke into the basket and leave it there for 20 minutes;
  • Drain it from excessive water before serving.

3-Grilling: after boiling or steaming the artichoke, you can grill it to enhance the color as well as the flavor.

Wait for the cooked artichoke to cool down and then cut it in half.

Apply a thin coat of olive oil onto 2 pieces and place them onto the grill.

Wait till one side turn brownish to turn side.

Enjoy It

If it is the first time you eat an artichoke, you will find that eating it require a little bit of skills and techniques. You should never eat it raw because it is really tough to chew. Also be careful with the tips, which are sharp that they can hurt you.

When serving an artichoke, remember to drain any water left from boiling and steaming.

Don’t cut it. Instead, take the outer leaves out one by one.

The edible part of the outer leaves is the one near the end of the artichoke.

When finishing with all the leaves, you can use pork to take the heart of the artichoke out. This is the most delicious and finest part.

Dip it with any kind of sauce you like including mayonnaise, garlic and butter or ranch dressing.

That is some of the ways you can cook artichoke and enjoy artichokes. There are many other ways you can enjoy them. You can show off your creativity with this ingredient to make many other delicious dishes such as stew, soup and stuffing as well as making artichoke into a dip.

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