How to Use Artichoke Properly

The United States is a familiar tree red artichoke is often planted as an ornamental. However, not many people know this tree also cure some diseases are very good. The flowers are rich red artichoke nutrition, ingredients contain acids and protein, vitamin C and other antibiotic substances.

The seeds contain 7.6% water, red artichoke 22.3% oil, 24% 13.5% protein, fiber and 7% minerals. According to some studies, the oil in the seeds of flowers red artichoke against fungus and skin disease. Vitamins and unsaturated fats are in it also works well for the elderly and people who are dieting.

It Is Used To Make Medicine

United red artichoke contains some antibacterial properties, so it is used as a folk herbal cough, sore throats by taking a cup of red rock sugar and distilling artichoke, honey get drinking water several times a day. Using United red artichoke regularly is also preventing whooping cough, flu.

Red artichokes also contains flavonoids, an anti-oxygen prevents oxygen process lipoproteins, help lower blood pressure. Many people with high blood pressure often drink tea prepared from the flowers of red artichoke every day to lower blood pressure.

Recently, Malaysian researchers have discovered fresh from juice of Red artichoke very nutritious, cancer prevention effects. In Thailand, red artichoke sepals are kind of medicinal plants are drying colors drinking help diuretic, kidney shots. Artichoke flowers red washed, drained can make jam. Or soak together white sugar do the cool drink cooling, prevention, liver chrome ran in young …

For those who are looking to lose weight, fat artichoke red tea is a selection fairly correct because red artichoke inhibits an enzyme, amylase enzymes that can destroy excess starch quickly in the body. Regular tea drinking Red artichoke will prevent the absorption of too many carbohydrates in the body. United red artichoke contains more vitamin C, so in addition to increased resistance to the effects of the body it also has certain effects in helping your skin was pink and white smooth. Women should not ignore how beautiful this simple skin by drinking tea or red flower red artichoke the drink like wine artichoke each day.

Soaking Red Artichoke Flowers: The Drink Like Wine

Left red artichoke purchased on separate sepals to soak the seeds in the remaining the drink like wine, can cook the drink as tea. Often left to extract half a kilogram kg calyx. Finished split calyx offers washing, soaked with dilute salt water for cleaning, drain. Prepare a glass jar, plastic jar to avoid because when dipping plastic, come on out to infuse into the drink like wine is not good for health.

Usually, when soaked the drink like wine, United way and rate is 1:1 (i.e. 1 kg of flowers soaked with 1 kg sugar). Initially scattered a line layer on the bottom of the jar, cover it with a layer of flowers, then a layer of sugar, so anytime until the end and the mantle is a layer of sugar. Then grab the blister forced tight down to the flowers being upwards, causing mold.

Very easy, just sweet atiso flowers soaked overnight as they did nearly half. At this forced down under the nearly level adapter tightly of flower and sugar. Tightly fasten the lid to the jar is 3-4 weeks can be used. At the moment you picked the United States determined the drain, romantic look with sugar to make jam to eat slowly. Bright red water can be preserved right in the jar. Each additional tinge when using the filtered water into drinking water.

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