Nutritional Value and Effects of Artichoke with Health

Artichoke is beneficial for health food, dishes made from artichoke is also quite a lot of users. Artichoke also works in the health protection, cooling the body and especially the plants also helps us to fight, prevent certain diseases such as cancer, liver function recovery.
  • What You Should Know About Artichoke
– Artichoke leaves have a bitter taste, has diuretic effects and is used to treat dropsy and rheumatism. In addition to the use of the roman empire the inflorescence and leaves to eat, the artichoke is also used as drugs through urine, bile, curing liver failure, acute and chronic nephritis, swelling of the joints. The artichoke slice stems and roots, dried, uses such as leaves.
– Artichoke contains minerals such as manganese, phosphorus, vitamins: A, B1, B2, C, offering 50-75 calori. When cooked artichoke, cotton has a healthy effect, stimulate digestion, appetite do gastroenterology, heart aid, diuretic, anti toxic, increasing the secretion of milk for mothers (when the cellar with hock).
-Parts is fresh or dried leaves, bring colors or cooking liquid, with high doses of 2-10 g dried leaf a day, when the higher mode or dry apothecary theme park high, the drug injected under the skin or varicose veins. Can high form processing using special liquid in the form of drops.
– Artichoke leaves bitter taste, has a diuretic effect and is used in the treatment of dropsy and rheumatism. Fresh or dried leaves or cooked to high liver healing (inflammation of the liver), kidney inflammation, swelling and bone. The drug has the effect of filtering the blood and light leap for children.
– Artichoke is considered the god of drugs for diseases of the liver because it cleanses the toxins in the liver, by the liver do waste filtration should toxins more susceptible to liver toxicity. Your skin is also dependent on the liver function or weak, good digestion. So tea artichoke will improve your skin very much. If you drink the tea you will see artichoke familiarity of it quite tasty and also quite delicious. Artichoke makes skin smooth and become brighter because it has a cooling effect on the liver, waste, toxins, helps the skin less dry and acne.
– Sliced artichoke plant stems and roots, dried, uses the same leaves. Artichoke tree used in cases of liver pain, stomach pain, non-target woman, eating less milk, diabetes, rheumatism, weakness of the body.
  • The Note When Using Artichoke
– Can use in many forms: atiso flowers used fresh or dry, drink; There’s also fresh format with spirits or make tinctures. Currently on the market there are many preparations of the artichoke: artichoke, artichoke, tea cynaraphytol high. Currently, in many patent be atiso form products such as tea bags, pellets, the drugs are therapeutic. So let atiso is kind of regular drinking water in your home to protect your liver and you bring your skin as well as the best health.
– The study shows, a rare case of allergy to artichokes, however if regular exposure with artichoke sometimes allergic. There have been cases of cross-sensitivity with chrysantheme, arnica and pyrethrum (is the active ingredient contained in artichoke).
– Experts also warn the user, do not abuse the source vegetable and tea tree from artichoke, if excessive drinking and eating will have extra complications such as liver damage caused by artichoke, have smooth muscle spasms of the digestive system, expansion of the abdomen, body fatigue.


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